#1 – Go buy a prepaid credit card at a not so nearby Store. Pay cash ; 50$ is not much for the hassle, 100 and 200 will last you longer. #2 – Connect to TOR, as extra precaution, use a VPN provider you already own, a public proxy, a php proxy, etc. – Make […]

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; my $num_args = $#ARGV + 1; if ($num_args != 1) {     print “\nUsage: $0 process_name \n”;     exit 1; } my $process=$ARGV[0]; my $count=`ps -C $process –noheaders | wc -l`; print $count;

If you want to configure your router as I did,  here is a sample Vyatta/VyOS configuration: ethernet eth0 {     duplex auto description SAGECOM Router WAN     vif 35 {         pppoe 0 { mtu 1492             password <your-bell-password>             user-id <your-bell-username>         }     } } # vyos # add this line into /opt/vyatta/etc/config/scripts/vyatta-postconfig-bootup.script iptables […]

I was searching the web to find out how to run a VirusAction script when a signature gets detected by CLAMAV-MILTER. I added the following line in /etc/clamav/clamav-milter.conf VirusAction /opt/scripts/virus.sh And wrote the following virus.sh script : #!/bin/sh PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin SERVER=node.domain.com ALERT=postmaster@domain.com #### Should sanitize the input strings #### VIRUS=$1         # Name of the detected virus […]

Shall I expect to be heard? I can only guess that most people try and in the making they like trying. It seems like expressing one’s self is good, even if nobody is listening (or heard). Unfortunately, Internet has become a tool to make noise, disturb the peace. I still prefer it silent. Where went […]